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Technology vs Functionality

Posted on 07/05/2020 00:49:00
When we set out to build something that has never been done before, we also end up building the tools along the journey. Technology is the underlying toolset that helps us deliver the overall service to the end customer. RubixWorks is as driven by technolgy beliefs as it is by the functionality it offers - and the primary theme across both is to keep it simple.

It is easy to throw a lot of technical complexity and jargon and make a system very complex. But over time, the one thing that continue to strongly believe is that we have to keep things simple. Facebook is simple to use. My dad did not need a user manual to start using gmail. My mom who has never used a computer, is very comfortable on WhatsApp. And that is the power of simplicity.

The other thing is consistency of behaviour. Ctrl+C Ctrl-V has become the universal behaviour to copy and paste something. Digital operations like browsing, taking a mobile pic, transferring money over google pay are examples where people have picked up on how to do something without needing a detailed guide. While RubixWorks will have some great technology behind the scenes, it will aim to be a simple and consistent platform that makes doing things simple. When at cross-roads, we will shun complexity for simplicity - if for no other reason - other than that we are just plain lazy.

We cannot forget our technical roots. We are technologists at heart - we are still very kicked by new age techologies like Machine Learning and Quantum computing. But we are tempered by our need to makes these technologies useful rather than just use them for the 'coolness' factor that they bring in. While a lot of our story will focus on the features, we will also put down our technical story at the Asthrasoft Academy site for the geeks out there who dream of building their own platforms.

The RubixWorks DNA

Posted on 07/04/2020 11:21:00
Does facebook provide a great functionality or is it a fantastic technical platform - what makes it the leading social network today? Why cannot a Google, Apple or an Amazon replicate its success (Microsoft is notably absent from this list as - with the acquisition of LinkedIN, it has a respectable social network offering). I believe that it's because of the DNA of the organization.

The DNA of any organization, is the core values and principles that the entire company works on. Satya has staged a strong ressuruction of Microsoft by going back to its roots - "to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential". They were always an enabler and that has always been their DNA. Similarly, Apple's DNA is delivering great and simple devices that are the best in their class. Amazon wants to delivers to every PinCode on earth and also offer a platform on which others can deliver to every IP on the globe. Facebook wants to connect everyone and so on.

The DNA is not easily articulated. As someone famous once said, it is only possible to connect the dots looking back - never when looking forward. But if we were to try to put it into works, We (RubixWorks) would like to be the transactional platform of the world. Just like Amazon is a store front for all goods, we would like to be to store-front for all services. That is a big statement - so what does it really mean.

Who is RubixWorks for?

Posted on 07/03/2020 05:17:00
The name Rubix has intigued me for a long time. Like the Rubicks Cube, as we solve one facet of our life, the other faces unravel themselves. When starups focus on the technical solution, they loose track of the business objectives. When they are focussed on the business, they dont do so great on the technical/enginnering front. And if they get both right, the founders are burning the midnight oil and their personal lives are all messed up.

Of course we also have the successful entrepreneurs like the Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and the mavericks - Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. But for each of these, there are innnumerable folks who  juggle between work and personal time. Think of your financial advisor, your handyman, your doctor, your insurance agent, your kids teachers, the neighbouring sports coach, the local gym instructor - countless others who are strong pillars of society and are committed to their jobs and work passionately day in and out. What is a common thread that you see in all of them?

I believe that its a purpose in life and the joy of getting things done. The pleasure that we get at a job well done is under valued. RubixWorks is an intelligent network that aims to help people get things done right. While it is initially targetted at startups, we believe that it will help anyone who wants to work intelligently and get more things done.

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